How do we encourage students to produce more interesting/engaging presentations?

'Death by Powerpoint' is a problem but really what are the alternatives? Prezi? Machinima?
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    ABSTRACT: Student work from tasks in two first-year modules will be presented, concern with how they presented material to a group. Though they were allowed to use power-point and many did they were also made aware of other tools they could use such as PhotoStory3 and MovieMaker and several adopted those. The first task comes from a module concerned with problem-solving and they had to discuss how they solved the problem of controlling a robot for a set task. The dynamic and visual nature meant that many include video of the robot moving, but others took it further and the whole presentation was a movie. The second was a task of describing number representation to a 15-year. Several of the students decided to present this in a movie form. Examples of these will be shown. An example of Machinima will also be presented. Reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of this approach, and marking these from an assessor point of view will be discussed.
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