Asked 8th Jan, 2022

How do i calculate variance accounted for (VAF) using AMOS?

Kindly advise how i can calculate variance accounted for (VAF) using AMOS.

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9th Jan, 2022
David Eugene Booth
Kent State University
See attachment. Best wishes David Booth.
10th Jan, 2022
David Morse
Mississippi State University (Emeritus)
Hello Shakerod,
This topic has been addressed in researchgate several times, if I'm not mistaken.
For a given factor, sum the squared values of estimated variable-factor loadings, then divide that sum by the number of variables. That will give average variance accounted for as a proportion, for that factor. Repeat for any other factors/latent variables in your model.
Also, note that AMOS does not issue standardized coefficients by default; you have to ask for them.
Good luck with your work.
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13th Jan, 2022
Maamir Abdellatif
University of Sfax
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