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How do I create an Agent-based Model of Policy Innovation?

I wish to create an agent-based model of the process of policy innovation, focusing on how different interventions enable or disable policy innovation in a system. How would one go about it?

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Should sustainable and pro-ecological economic development be an important determinant of shaping economic policy?
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  • Dariusz ProkopowiczDariusz Prokopowicz
Yes, in my opinion, sustainable pro-ecological economic development should be an important determinant of shaping economic policy. Do you agree with my opinion?
For many centuries, the economies of countries and enterprises have developed without knowing or ignoring the principles of sustainable pro-ecological development. On the other hand, in the 21st century the realities have changed, the global warming process is accelerating and if the reforms of pro-ecological changes, development of renewable energy, recycling development, development of environmental protection etc. are not implemented, in the short term the global warming process will become an irreversible process and at the end of the 21st century the planet Earth, humanity and many other forms of life on Earth are threatened by climatic extermination due to the high rise of negative anomalies and climatic cataclysms.
Sustainable pro-ecological economic development, now and in the future, can not be ignored further, it can not be considered a myth. Economics must change towards the concept of green economy. The economic policies of states should also change in such a way as to activate for the development of ecological innovations and support the processes of sustainable pro-ecological development.
Please, answer, comments.
I invite you to the discussion.
Best wishes

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