Asked 9th May, 2018
  • USRA @ NASA Ames Research Center

How can I convert thermal image (geotiff format) to .csv format for data analytics?

I want to analyze thermal imagery that are available to me in geoTiff format i.e. to be precise I want to analyze temperature distribution of each thermal image. Hence, I wish to first convert the thermal imagery (geotiff format) to .csv format (Lat, Lon and Temperature) and perform analytics.
Can anyone help me out with any packages that are available in Python?
Thank you!

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10th May, 2018
Prabhakar Alok
Indian Space Research Organization, Dehradun
There are multiple ways to do this conversion:
Using software ArcGIS: ASCII conversion tool can be used
Most of the GIS software (open source/paid) have this capability.
Still if you want to use python or R, You need gdal package to read the image in the form of array, iterate in array and write the logic to get lat/lon of each value in array and write output to txt/csv/excel file.
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11th May, 2018
Jamie Matthew Bright
UK Power Networks
Hi Priyank,
Try the Gdal package to open and load up your data into Python.
For saving to Csv, i find the pandas package to be the simplest.
You'll have to convert your image to a Dataframe, then use the .to_csv conversion:
Hope that helps,
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11th May, 2018
Priyank Pradeep
USRA @ NASA Ames Research Center
Thank you Jamie and Prabhakar, appreciate it!
24th Jul, 2021
Mohamed Freeshah
Wuhan University

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