Started 23rd Jun, 2022

How can I compare my method with other methods in computer science without having source code and materiels ?

In the simulation and experimentation part of the paper, you have to compare your method with other methods, but if you don't have the source code and materials of related works, how can you simulate other methods without having the source code and make graphics and charts?

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Brajesh Mishra
Management Development Institute Gurgaon
Dear Mourad,
One way to test performance of various competing source codes/executables files is as follows:-
1. Develop random input generation program so that those inputs may be made available to each of the competing programs (executable files).
2. Identify the performance indicators against which these computer programs shall be evaluated.
3. Now apply randomly generated inputs to each of the competing programs and list out the performance achieved. Compare them to find out the program which gave best performance.
Thanks for your response, but in the case i dont have executable files , how can i test performance ?
Syed Akbar Raza Naqvi
The University of Queensland
In this case, I suggest comparing the available quantitative results like %age accuracy, efficiency or other performance indicators with your solution's performance. This can be in the form of a table. The quantitative details are available in that particular technique's foundational research paper.

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