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Asked 10th Sep, 2015

How can I calculate the output power of wind turbine ?

Hi all, I am trying to calculate the output power of wind turbine and the power should be zero below cut in and above cut out and equal to rated from rated speed till cut out
my question is what about the part from cut in till rated speed , i used the general equation to calculate it which is
p=0.5*swept area* air density*capacity factor *v3
the problem is some values above rated power is there any thing wrong i need help
11th Sep, 2015
Jose Ignacio Rojas Gregorio
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC BarcelonaTECH)
Dear all, just let me add a picture to illustrate the ideal shape of the power vs wind speed curve of a wind turbine. The sketch is taken from Hugh Piggott's Windpower workshop. To obtain accurately the actual shape.of the curve between the cut-in speed and the rated speed, you should have the curve characterized by means of experimental testing of your turbine or by means of simulations with, for example, FAST & AeroDyn coupled simulation tools for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines, etc.