Asked 19th Aug, 2016

How Can I compute the time complexity Big-O Notation of Genetic Algorithm?

Computing time complexity of Genetic Algorithm 

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24th Jan, 2020
Tina Samizadeh Nikoui
Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch
The following paper would be useful
the following paper would be useful
"Time Complexity Analysis of the Genetic Algorithm Clustering Method" by NOPIAH et al.

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23rd Aug, 2016
Mohammad Ahmadzadeh
Islamic Azad University - Bandar Abbas Branch
Hojjat Allah Bazoobandi answer is very correct
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22nd Aug, 2016
Hojjat Moayed
Shiraz University
The most time consuming part in an Evolutionary Algorithm(EA) is the Fitness Function. Therefore,  "Number of Fitness Function Evaluations" usually used as performance criterion in EAs.
However, if you insist to evaluate the time complexity of EAs with Big O notation, you can use O(NG), where N describe the size of population and G stands for number of iterations.
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23rd Aug, 2016
Mohammad Ahmadzadeh
Islamic Azad University - Bandar Abbas Branch
Hojjat Allah Bazoobandi answer is very correct
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30th Aug, 2016
Jayaram M.A
Siddaganga Institute of Technology
I totally agree with Mr.Lago. Complexity at very basic level is the count of no of times a basic operation is executed. We are also clear of the fact that, basic operations will always lurk inside a nested iterative structure. Therefore, in this case it may be taken as no. of generations + no of cross overs + no of mutations which leads to an expression. Consider only higher order term in the so obtained expression and this surely forms a key for big O notation.
31st Aug, 2016
Patricia Ryser-Welch
Newscastle University
I am a person who would disagree with all the above answers. First of all, a non-deterministic method approximate a solution. Perhaps an optimum is found, perhaps a near optimum, perhaps a very bad solution. Nothing is guaranteed and therefore the big O notation may just analyse an algorithm that does not work. 

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