Asked 8th May, 2020

How to use of artificial intelligence for architecture and civil engineering?

I would like to know if you have any research on this subject. I am interested in developing new research looking for how AI contributes to architecture and civil engineering.
Let me know about your similar research.

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Ewa Aleksandra Płocha, About the Notion of Artificial Intelligence and the Opportunities of Applying it in Civil Proceedings The article presents the issues related to the notion of ‘artificial intelligence’ and the possibilities of its application in civil proceedings. The author discusses the main definitions of artificial intelligence presented...
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With the upgrading needs of automation and prediction requirements in the industries, automation for improving the quality of the product and prediction of the product cycle to make product more economical. Now a days the use of artificial intelligence techniques becoming crucial to apply in the industries which makes the products more reliable, ro...
With the continuous improvement of artificial intelligence technology and the continuous change of facilities and equipment, the emerging technology of artificial intelligence has a qualitative development. Integrating information technology into classroom teaching has become a more common way in today’s education industry. In the future civil arch...
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