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Asked 10th Jun, 2017

How much is acceptable for VAF (Variance Accounted for) in CATPCA analysis?

I used optimal scaling analysis and set 2 dimensions for the variables, with VAF of 36.6% obtained.
I set 3 dimensions, it's around 46%.
I don't know how much VAF is acceptable.
To me, 2 dimensions is easier to explain and define the dimension.
26th Jun, 2020
Najm Najm
Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan
The strength of the mediation can be determined from the value of Variance
Accounted For (VAF). VAF value represents the ratio of the Beta Coefficient of
the indirect effect to the total effect. A VAF value bigger than 80% represents full mediation, a VAF value of between 20% and 80% means a partial mediation, while a value below 20% means no mediation (Hair, Ringle & Sarstedt, 2011).
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