Asked 21st Nov, 2017

How much Orbitrap Q Exactive Plus costs compared to Orbitrap Exactive Plus?

Hi everyone. I'm working on the project for protein identification using LC-MS1 spectra without using any tandem mass spectra. I want to calculate economical benefits from using this approach. Does anyone know approximate price for Orbitrap Exactive Plus (not the Q Exactive Plus!)?

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21st Nov, 2017
Alexey L Chernobrovkin
Pelago Bioscience AB
The price difference between Exactive+ and QExactive+ is around $10K, which is less then 5% of the instrument price.
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22nd Nov, 2017
Keiko Kuwata
Nagoya University
really? in Japan, Thermo's mass spec price is about....
Q EXACTIVE (700,000 USD)
Q EXACTIVE PLUS (800,000 USD) without option
market price is about 100,000 USD discount
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22nd Nov, 2017
Mark V Ivanov
Russian Academy of Sciences
Thank all of you for the answers. I've found some prices for the USA market which are close to Keiko's observations (Exactive Plus is around 250k USD and Q Exactive Plus is around 600k USD)
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