Asked 15th May, 2013

How is explicit instruction thwarting students' learning? In what ways can we instill in our students the feeling of exploration and discovery?

In Science News (2011) it is stated that: "Don't Show, Don't Tell? Direct Instruction Can Thwart Independent Exploration." Is this true?

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12th Feb, 2015
Zol Bahri Razali
Universiti Malaysia Perlis
You can get the similar or apropriate answer by searching the keyword in the GOOGLE SCHOLAR page. Usually you will get the first paper similar to your keyword.
From my experience, this way will help you a lot. If you still have a problem, do not hasitate to let me know.
Kind regards, Prof Dr ZOL BAHRI
1st Jul, 2015
Victoria Blue
Northern Arizona University
Hello Jose,
In my experiences, at least with young children, usually explicit instruction hampers exploration, innate problem solving, reaching creative solutions, and personal discovery.  I do not give answers when a child poses a question.  I respond with an inquiry back to them, e.g. "what ideas do you have or how else might you ..."  Or, I might try to bridge/scaffold their thinking, e.g. "what are you trying to do? Can you think of a time when you tried to ...?" " How did you do it? How did it turn out? What could you have done differently?"  Often in my classroom, I will place a unique or interesting object on a table to see what happens. The first question the children ask is "what is that?"  My response is "I'm not sure.  What ideas do you have?"  20 children, 20 different ideas - beyond my imaginings. The children are quite adept at justifying their position and there is no right or wrong - simply ideas/perspectives. Fascinating!  The same outcome for a problem that needs solving. This approach can be applied in many contexts, curricular & developmental domains, and across age groups. Experiment and have fun!
Let us know what YOU discover ;)
1st Jul, 2015
Victoria Blue
Northern Arizona University
P.S. Just in case you have not seen this already, I'm adding a link to a very interesting initiative that addresses your question.

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