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How does lemon and water help in reducing weight in an obese person? What is the mechanism of action?

It is said that lemon and warm water reduces the weight in obese person but I could not get its mechanism of action, even after intensive research on the net.

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14th May, 2019
Arvind Singh
Banaras Hindu University

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14th May, 2014
Sk Rasania MBBS MD FIPHA FIAPSM Dco Dipmus
Lady Hardinge Medical College
Really good question and I am also interested to know the answer, so I am following this question.
30th Mar, 2015
Isabella Nyambayo
Coventry University
I am also following this question
18th Jun, 2015
Francisco Ramirez
Weimar Institute/Nedley Clinic/Sahmyook University
My two cents. It depends how the lemon and warm water is applied. If the only thing that the persons eats is just lemon and water the person will lose weight because of the decrease in the calories, but it is impossible to survive on it. In my 20 years of experience I see that people try to take short cuts and they want the magic pill or the tea that will help them lose weight instead of making permanent lifestyle changes. I searched the literature and I could not find any reputable clinical trials on lemon and warm water. What the person needs is to identify the origin of the problem (endocrine? depression? low-self worth? too much calories?, etc), that is our approach to the problem of depression: and we are showing a 95% response rate. One last thing, if you noticed many of the weight lose clinical trials will show that the placebo group actually lost some weight. Placebo has a powerful effect, if you truly believe it will make you lose weight you probably will.
PS I see that you are in Rajasthan I was there a few months ago I went to Jaipur and Jaisalmer and did some lectures in CMC near Chennai...
19th Jun, 2015
Isabella Nyambayo
Coventry University
The lemon and water theory of losing weight has been on the public domain and some have even given testimony of how after drinking the lemon and water "detoxification water" have lost upto 2 Kg within two weeks.  There are several recipes on detox water which are made up from different fruits and herb for example  Most of the recipes contain lemon as one of the ingredients or cucumber so there should be something in these products which is believed to be the main ingredient and/ factor of weight loss.
Some of the instructions of taking detox water are that the person drinks upto 4 glasses per day front-loaded from first thing they take just after waking up in the morning to midday and then pure water for the rest of the day (these glasses are supposed to make up part of the fluid intake requirement of the day) for two weeks and then after two weeks they are supposed to be taking it through out the day as part of their diet menu until they are used to it to be part of their lifestyle of taking up to 4 glasses of detox water per day. 
The detox water is supposed to:
  • cleanse the body by removing toxins (opening the skin pores to encourage more removal of waste through the skin, the lemon is supposed to contain antioxidants and vitamin E which help the body in dealing with toxins)
  • increase metabolic rate -the water or the lemon are thought to increase appetite thereby increasing food intake at regular times making the body used to breaking down the food consumed quickly in anticipation of the next meal (technically this increases the basal metabolic rate (BMR)) as opposed to missing meals which stimulates the body to store calories as reserves for the starving or fasting times - this has been portrayed or discussed to be the  main theory behind the weight loss achieved after taking detox water.
The citrus fruits and other fruits and vegetables are also commonly listed as foods that boost you metabolism in addition to most green leafy vegetables, herbs, spices and high protein foods. 

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