Asked 28th Mar, 2017

How do i go about researching on household debts in Zimbabwe? Which objectives and models can i use?

Zimbabwean economy is not performing as expected. heads of households have been retrenched following labor court ruling of july 2016.many households are relying on soft loans,loans obtained from micro finance,edu-loans and many others.some have accumulated hire purchase loans adding to the formal and informal debt accrued. the question is to what extent are these debt overhang and over-gearing at individual and household level causing emotional and psychological toil on families leading to divorces and other effects?

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 You can look at the probability of debt overhang on causing divorce and suicide among the debtors. In this instance, you can use the probit model to do the analysis.
The main challenge that i think you will encounter is how to identify these debtors. Maybe i suugest in this regard you can use snowball, however using other technique in this may cause a problem. I really have interest in the project

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