Asked 18th Jan, 2014

How can we reduce the flammability of bamboo material?

Bamboo has a lot of advantages in construction, but it is a flammable material like wood, so its application is limited. Therefore, it is important to study the fire behavior and flame retardant properties of bamboo.

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10th Jan, 2018
Banjo Akinyemi
Olabisi Onabanjo University
@Chigbo Mgbemene, Am not referring to the normal bituminous substance used for road construction, this is called Felt (It is a resin based used for roof applications). The concrete to be used with it MUST be modified using polymers, this would reduce the prospects of it catching fire greatly. I have an going research on it. I have analysed the elements in the composite (EDS), and bromine featured prominently in it (this is a chemical substance used in producing fire extinguishers). I cannot authoritatively say that it will completely stop it but I believe it will hugely reduce its incidence (flammability test is what is left to done). You may reach me for further details.

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18th Jan, 2014
Zen Ly
Deakin University
I'm seeking the answer for this question. In fact, there are some studies on wood flamble retardant, but no results on bamboo has been published. Below data quite relates this issue.
18th Jan, 2014
H. M.A. Mahzuz
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
If you add a layer of concrete around and also pour concrete inside this may be effective. Because concrete needs high temperature before getting ineffective.
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19th Jan, 2014
Zen Ly
Deakin University
Thank Mahzuz, I'll search about that solution for my content.
20th Jan, 2014
Frederick Wee
Deakin University
There is a method in stabilizing porous wood where resin is pumped into the grains of wood via a pressure or vacuum chamber. I am assuming that fire resistant resins could be used in such a system however industrial standard pressure/vacuum chambers are very expensive and may not be economically viable to manufacturers for such a 'low cost' material such as bamboo.
Just an idea, but with all the genetically modified crops around, surely one would be able to develop a certain strain of bamboo species that is fire resistant. Or one could induce chemicals into the watering system that waters the plant to 'harden' the physical structure of bamboo and thus making it fire resistant.
5th May, 2014
Geoffrey Haddou
Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse III
I don't know if it will help you but in the publication, the team add microencapsulated ammonium polyphosphate in PolyPropylene/Bamboo Fibers biocomposites in order to improve the flame-retardant properties.
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20th Jun, 2014
Sergey G Alexeev
Огнезащитные составы (лаки, краски) по дереву подойдут. Пропиточные огнезащитные составы тоже должны хорошо защищать бамбук. В разных странах огнезащитные составы разные, поэтому следует ориентировать на доступные материалы.
15th Aug, 2016
Lily Tambunan
Bandung Institute of Technology
Dear Zen Ly, try to cover the bamboo with mortar to make it more fire resistant. However, this method can not be applied if you want to expose the bamboo. I am still searching for the appropriate method which is simple, cheap, and sustainable. It has been 2 years after your first posting. Is there any new findings that can be shared? Thank you
28th Sep, 2017
Dirahn Gilliams
Lyrical Clause LLC
There's a few steps to doing this if you haven't been successful yet.  It would involve this potential patent someone has for fireproof termite proof building material that's light industrial use.
26th Dec, 2017
Banjo Akinyemi
Olabisi Onabanjo University
you need to coat the bamboo with coal tar or any bituminous material then allow to dry. subsequently you must sand blast the surface for good adhesion to mortar to give a ribbed surface like steel bars.
Deleted profile
@Banjo Akinyemi, I thought coal tar and bituminous materials were very flammable? They will only add to the flammability of the bamboo. I do not have an answer to the problem but I have been looking forward to someone coming up with a possible solution. It will be a very important one when found.

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