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Asked 14th Dec, 2016

How can I improve this study?

Hi everyone,
I would like to conduct a study which takes about 2 weeks to be completed. Prior the 2 weeks, Participants are introduced to the concept of ideation or  generation of ideas, then they are asked to come up with at least 10 ideas a day. These daily 10 ideas are supposed to be in one category (For example: 10 ideas about how I can be more productive today, 10 ideas about how to solve a certain problem and etc.) .
They complete tests of creativity, subjective well-being and some other tests before the completion of 2 weeks and after 2 weeks to see if coming up with 10 ideas a day makes any changes in the results of those tests. As research indicates, creativity correlates with subjective well-being *. But is it creativity to come up with 10 ideas a day?
I am asking to please reflect on my hypothesis, as I feel something is missing, or the hypothesis can not be studied.
I also would like to ask what psychological concepts do you think may correlate with creativity or idea machine?
Thank you
* Peyvastegar, M., & Dastjerdi, E. (2010). Relationship between creativity and subjective well-being. International Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 4(3), 207-213.
24th Dec, 2016
Mita Brahma
Management Development Institute Gurgaon
I think you should challenge the participants' creativity by giving them creative problems/ situations each day. Participants may give suggestions which need not be judged in terms of their applicability or cost etc., just like we do not shoot down any ideas in a brainstorming situation.
But we do need to put some constraints/ define a situation/ some generic and unsolved problems, which will spur on the participants to contribute enthusiastically day after day.