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Asked 14th Dec, 2016

How can I improve this study?

Hi everyone,
I would like to conduct a study which takes about 2 weeks to be completed. Prior the 2 weeks, Participants are introduced to the concept of ideation or  generation of ideas, then they are asked to come up with at least 10 ideas a day. These daily 10 ideas are supposed to be in one category (For example: 10 ideas about how I can be more productive today, 10 ideas about how to solve a certain problem and etc.) .
They complete tests of creativity, subjective well-being and some other tests before the completion of 2 weeks and after 2 weeks to see if coming up with 10 ideas a day makes any changes in the results of those tests. As research indicates, creativity correlates with subjective well-being *. But is it creativity to come up with 10 ideas a day?
I am asking to please reflect on my hypothesis, as I feel something is missing, or the hypothesis can not be studied.
I also would like to ask what psychological concepts do you think may correlate with creativity or idea machine?
Thank you
* Peyvastegar, M., & Dastjerdi, E. (2010). Relationship between creativity and subjective well-being. International Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 4(3), 207-213.
16th Dec, 2016
Arturo Geigel
Independent Researcher Puerto Rico
The problem is that you are forcing the creative process(for some people it is spontaneous while for others it can be invoked in demand) to boundaries that might influence the overall measurement of well being (I would be stressed just by being asked to come up with things on demand and I consider myself very creative). I am referring to the first group (the spontaneous) in which due to the constraints might state lower well being by being forced in the first place to invoke creativeness( my intuition is that most people fall in this category). Also the metric of 10 ideas call for people in the second category(those who can summon creativeness on demand). A way to avoid this possible noise and bias is by discriminating the individuals into categories by profile and using different metrics per group. Also, the work, environment, lifestyle, etc. are also determining factors to creativeness and well being these have to be taken into account.
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