Asked 27th Jun, 2022

Ho to calculate triolein content in oil?

I have the data for oleic acid percentage in oil. Can I calculate the triolein percentage based on this value

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  • Borys KapochkinBorys Kapochkin
Deformation waves not associated with earthquakes continuously pass over the surface of the Earth. These are waves with periods of 12, 24 hours and 14 days. Long waves are imperceptible to people, although they have an amplitude 10 times greater than seismic waves. In areas with a thin earth's crust, they usually do not provoke earthquakes (I do not consider mantle earthquakes). If the earth's crust is not subject to geodeformations, then they destroy it. After an earthquake, waves of geodeformation can provoke the collapse of buildings (before the earthquake, these territories were not deformed).
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Planetary-scale deformations (amplitude 30 cm) were blocked on February 6 in the epicentral zone of the future earthquake. The blocking of tidal waves in the solid body of the Earth is associated with the release of heat. In the atmosphere, the release of heat leads to a decrease in atmospheric pressure. Warm air weighs less. Look at the color map of atmospheric pressure and low pressure above the epicenter at the moment of maximum compression (map from Twitter ). The relapse occurred on February 20, 2023 after 14 days during the next cycle of the positive extremum of the angular velocity of the Earth's rotation associated with the repetition of the phase of the zonal tide in the solid body of the Earth.

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