Asked 4th Nov, 2017

Hi all. I generated a code 'exhibitionist behavior' by organisational actors. Know any concept/theory/phenomenon that comes close to this?

I was coding my data and discovered repeated occurrences of instances where actors were behaving in a way that showed them in spotlight. They used tactics like bragging; they behaved in a showing-off fashion and also used story-telling to share their past stories, experiences and actions in which they presented themselves as heroes. This was indeed a negative behavior in the field and the other actors felt uncomfortable and lack of motivated. I coded this as 'exhibitionist behavior'. However, I could not find any concept in the literature on organisational behavior and management and the one that came closest is 'narcissism'. Can you suggest any concept I can look for? Thanks in advance.

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5th Nov, 2017
Alessandro Talia
University of Cambridge
what kind of data are you coding?
7th Nov, 2017
Christine A. Hemingway
Goldsmiths, University of London
Hi Sriteja, this description overlaps with extroversion. You could also use the adjectives of egotistical or bombastic, if you think that either are appropriate? I wonder if these people were also over-confident? See Daniel Kahneman as a starting point on the latter. A room full of introverts would surely find the behaviour that you describe as annoying. On the other hand, if the exhibitionist had formal authority, then they would be tolerated by subordinates, due to the senior's legitimate power (French and Raven 1959). Hope this helps. Kind regards, Christine

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