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Asked 16th Jul, 2022

Hello. Is it a must to derive the independent and dependent variables from the topic? must my variables (words) be included within the topic?

Say, I have two topics;
1. the survival of kittens and the parent's breed
2. the government's contribution to service provision
Thank you
16th Jul, 2022
Nicolò M. Villa
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
I'm not sure what you mean by "topic" but from the two lines you've written I cannot understand what is the dependent and independent variable you're addressing. If you mean a research topic, of course you must formulate a research question that investigates the relation between an independent variable that you're manipulating (in literature also termed "perturbation", "explenatory variable" or "regressor") and a dependent variable ( also termed "random variable" or "response variable") that you're measuring or assessing. They should be clearly stated in the abstract, introduction and possible the title, although some opt for a more catchy title.
In the first there is no relationship between what I imagine are the variables. I think it could be more helpful if you try to first to formulate research questions instead of titles. (Ex. "does the breed of parents affect kittens survival?"). Then you express the relationship between the variables (ex. "Effect of parental breed on kittens survival"). From this title is clear that the breed is the independent variable and the kittens survival the dependent one.
In the second I can guess that the government contribution is the independent variable and the service provision the dependent one, but I can't understand what type of variable they are because it's too vague. Contribution as funds? as laws?
Hope it's helpful
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