Started 25th Feb, 2020

Has anyone programmed behavioural tasks into Qualtrics?

I'm trying to create an mTurk study using Qualtrics, but I need a way to implement the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task into the experiment. I found the WCST through PsyToolkit but can't seem to find a way to link the Qualtrics and WCST on Psytoolkit together.

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29th Mar, 2021
Dominik Golab
Université Catholique de Louvain - UCLouvain
Hi, I am actually considering using the same tool on Qualtrics. Did you find a solution to incorporate it into Qualtrics?
Best regards,
16th Mar, 2022
James J. Cummings
Boston University
Hi, I myself am also attempting to capture the WCST scores via Qualtrics. Did you happen to find a solution, Dominik?

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