Factors in Monotheist Development.

Dear Fellows and Friends:

I wish to begin to discuss two factors that may have influenced the
development of Monotheism and other ideas. Tutankamun is said to be the son of Akhenaten and his mother was Queen Nefretete. A
change from the old religion into a new monotheist type was fostered by him. It was a possible development by Akhenaten from his Grandfather\'s ideas or experiences.

A second discussion ought to be what influence Alexander the Great
had on the area and during the rule of his Generals what scholarly
activity is noted. What about the Indian King Asoka who sent out
Buddhist missions? This goes back to just before the fourth century BCE with Alexander extending his empire into what is now Pakistan
and the Punjab area. This Greek culture lasts and mingled with the
Buddhist King Ashoka around the 200 BCE time, just before Rome
expanded it's empire.