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Asked 4th Dec, 2021

Evidence of how it has been established that the methodology proposed will produce sufficient data to draw meaningful conclusions?

Hello everyone,
I am in the third year of Computer Science and my project is about social robots, I am doing the proposal, ethics form, and literature review about the social robot. The question above is in the ethics form.
5th Dec, 2021
Robert Barbour
Do check with your Tutor/lecturer whether the report is just a literature review or something else using an existing tool to collect data for or about people, or may involve any activity that may affect other people, the usual reason for requiring ethical approval. The question may be viewed another way. A literature review is a sampling of current literature. You may find a number of online bibliographies or theses (thesis plural) in the area that will give you a start into the literature which may be viewed as a history of an area of study in published papers on a topic. The start point is the earliest frequently referenced paper. Your survey should tell the story in brief form of the development of the field including all the key contributors and the contributions they made and identify what researchers think may need doing which you may find in the conclusion of published papers.
Minimally you must think about the question and why it was asked.
It would help people assist you if you were to state your research question.
'about social robots is not a 'research question.