Electron Larmor precession frequencies in each core orbital?

Years ago I had studied electron motion (classical explanation) within its orbital, its motion relative to the protons in the nucleus causes it to experience a magnetic field from the nucleus due to the relative motion and that field strength sets the Larmor frequency that an electron will process while moving in its orbital, then there is a g-factor added also to make the results match measured results.

I know that paired electrons do not have any measureable radiated and absorbed emissions and/or are usually factored out for these core electrons, but I'd like to still find out what their theoretical Larmor frequencies ought to be anyway.

Is there a table or chart some place that says what the theoretical precession frequency is for each orbital?

Another related question:

Of all the atoms that make up the Earth, which of their grand total orbitals contains the most total electrons for all of planet Earth?

In other words, what would be the most common unmeasureable Larmor frequency?