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Does working a lot by computer increase the eye pressure?

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Is there any study showing that computer work causes increased eye pressure, a symptom representative of Glaucoma?
I have personally talked with several eye doctors, but they told me that it had not been proven so far. So, I am seeking such new researchers in this regard.
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Perhaps the question could be: "Does slight convergence increase IOP (vs. screen time)?"
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Rozalina Loebis
Airlangga University
In my knowledge, there is no correlation between scree time and the increase of intra ocular pressure. But screen time can give the eye strain symptoms that also cause eye discomfort.
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Ayman Abdul Aziz
Al-Balqa Applied University
Long screen time may cause eye strain symptoms that some people may "feel" like heavy eyes or "pressure in the eyes" (also called asthenopia), but never shown to significantly alter intraocular pressure or cause glaucoma.
Hassane Aaliouet
Private University Consortium Ltd
I agree , computing cause eye strain , asthenopia , DED , but there’s no correllation between IOP increase and working a lot with computer.
Hazem Alaskar-Alani
Hospital Poniente, Almeria
There is no relation between computer screen work and the eye pressure.
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Onyekachi Jane Ireka
Alex Ekwieme Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki
In literature and most population based survey, no correlation between intraocular pressure and computer use has been reported neither has it been established that there is increased risk of intraocular pressure elevation with use of computer. However, more study is needed to prove or dispute this claim.
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Kalaivani K..
Vinayaka Mission's Medical College, Karaikal, Puducherry UT
Not at all. Computer over usage can only cause eye strain like irritation, watering, headache and discomfort but never rise our Intra ocular pressure.
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Perhaps the question could be: "Does slight convergence increase IOP (vs. screen time)?"
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