Asked 27th Feb, 2019

Does mastery and use of process skills by teachers improve learners' academic performance in science and math?

I am a Science teacher and now a high shool principal. I am taking my doctoral degree major in Educational Management.
I am interested to produce learners who excel in Science- and math-related disciplines.
I hope to integrate robotics in our special program in science.
thanks in advance for your help.

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30th Apr, 2019
Prudencio Rubis
Guimaras State College
Thank you very much for the sound ideas from you guys. Hope to hear from you anytime soon. We are always trying to meet our goals not only for today but for the years to come. We value your insights.

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6th Mar, 2019
Nizar Matar
An-Najah National University
In developed countries, governments are placing more emphasis on applying highly efficient STEM " Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics" programs in order to produce high quality young students. This endeavor is very necessary for a country which seeks progress in the world of today.
I really admire those who are ready to turn every stone implementing every available tool so as to obtain excellent students who will be an asset for their country & for humanity, at large.
You may get useful ideas from the U.K. "stem" website.
6th Apr, 2019
Alan Siu
Private Industry
Practical skills are in important in learning maths and science. Students also require fundamental skills in: algebra, graphical theory and statistics. Then the core knowledge in the different science disciplines can be developed. I have found it is important to develop a curious and inquisitive mind especially in the early stages of secondary education for the students to flourish. Develop an environment where the students can ask probing questions and link the theory to real-life situations. This can be enhanced by practical work and practical demonstrations during lesson time. There are many excellent scientific simulations which students can use for more difficult or dangerous experiments. An overall structure where fundamentals and practical work are blended together will encourage students to explore maths and science with more enthusiasm.
11th Apr, 2019
Ntui Elvis
The Most powerful weapon of any teacher is to enhance student academic performance is mastery of subject Mather and other technical skill acquired during trading and on the job maths and other science subjects as well as social science subject have a procedure to follow when teaching and if a teacher lack such procedural skill learning will not be effective

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