Asked 9th Dec, 2020

Does anyone know the status about the Gravitational Wave Observatory KAGRA?

Dear Researchers in the field :
Does anyone know what the KAGRA Gravitational Waves Observatory it's been up to ?
KAGRA announced at the end of last year (2019) that they were ready for the kick off. And that in February this year (2020) they were turn to the sky for the first (real) observations and be ready to joing the efforts of the LIGO-Virgo collaboration.
But I haven't hear anything about KAGRA since that time.
I'm sure they had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, probably since March.
But, now in December, almost the end of the year, I would have expected to hear news about Observatory.
Does anyone know what is it status nowadays ? Maybe the explanation is that the facilities kept shut down almost the whole year since the pandemic.
If someone know fresh news, I'll appreciate the sharing.
Best Regards all ! :)

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7th May, 2022
Alexander Vasquez
The Evergreen State College
Looks like December time frame for KAGRA.

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10th Dec, 2020
Sydney Ernest Grimm
"We declare the start of the observation on February 25 with around 300 kpc level. The team decided to go back to commissioning to try again with the signal recycling configuration. We heard we momentally locked with dual recycling, but not enough stability for observation.
Since our time was limited and we decided to go into the observing run from April 7 for two weeks. However, the new virus COVID-19 changed the situation. Both LIGO/Virgo had to stop their detector from March 24. On April 3, KAGRA proposed to make a joint observation with GEO600 in the framework of LVK network, and core members are discussing details with GEO."
With kind regards, Sydney
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Thank you very much, Regards !
14th Dec, 2020
Otto E. Rossler
University of Tuebingen
I hope my disproof of Gravitational Waves is not discouraging anyone from making the experimental results maximally water-tight.
For it is only the truth that everyone is interested in in science.
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24th Feb, 2021
C.Ganesa Moorthy
Alagappa University
Franklin Uriel Parás Hernández: Gravitational waves cannot reach the depth of KAGRO. So, there is need to expect an observation of GWs from KAGRO.
Can you elaborate ... Why you say GW cannot reach the KAGRA detector ?
25th Feb, 2021
C.Ganesa Moorthy
Alagappa University
Dear Franklin Uriel Parás Hernández: KAGRO is located deep under a mountain as it has been mentioned in : The following sentence may also be found in the same link.
" This “underground” telescope’s detection target is not electro-magnetic waves but gravitational waves that are generated from gravity of mass. "
There is no reason to believe that gravitational waves can penetrate rocks above KAGRO even if gravitational waves are generated from gravity of masses. However, gravitational waves can penetrate the concrete walls of surface arms of LIGOs because of long wavelengths of gravitational waves. But those wavelengths are not sufficient to penetrate rocks to reach the metal arms of KAGRO. Some articles have been added artificially in the essay attached. Ignore them. You may also go through: "Planets and electromagnetic waves" ( ). You are not expected to believe them. My expectation is that you would search a reason for reachability of GWs. Where is a reason to believe that GWs can reach the arms of KAGRO?
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Dear C.Ganesa Moorthy C.Ganesa
GW do not interact with matter, at all. This is to say that they are not scattered by atoms, or electrons.
So it makes no difference for the speed, or the mean free path of a GW, whether they have to travel trough 1 km of lead, o trough 1 km of air.
In your opinion, GW interact with matter ?
They dont interact with atoms at all.
I would say that, all the Scientific papaers published from LIGO have these basics on its background.
Or if you don't belive the articles...
You can go to Einstein's Equations (General Theory of Relativity).
make the so called "Weak field assumption" in vacuum, and solve these equations.
If you get to solve for this scenario, you will realize that the Gravitational Field has Polarized Longitudinal waves, and the parameters of these waves do not depend of the lenght these travel trough matter.
Kind Regards !
26th Feb, 2021
C.Ganesa Moorthy
Alagappa University
Dear Franklin Uriel Parás Hernández: Just now I understand the meaning for your question: " Why you say GW cannot reach the KAGRA detector ? " As you mentioned through the words " Or if you don't believe the articles... "; the basic difference in understandings is based on the basic principles assumed. I need not believe any ASSUMED principles of persons working in gravitational waves even though they provide reasons, when I find that the reasons do not follow any meaningful valid logic. For example, if they say that GWs do not react with atoms (but only with laser beams), then I would say that the waves can cross/penetrate our entire earth planet and they can distort laser beams in all observatories, and they all would make observations, because the GWs do not react with any atom in the planet. Let me wait for such observations from all observatories to believe the ASSUMED principles of the persons working in gravitational waves. I should wait to understand basic physics for my satisfaction. Thanks for your discussion.
Dear C. Ganesa :
Fair enough request, I expect KAGRA will be on-line again, and working hand to hand with the LIGOs and VIRGO, as the latest in late June.
So I'll predict, that we will be hearing about an important number of GW detections from the Collaboration, this time including the observations from KAGRA, between July and December 2021. But many, we expect at least 1 or 2 per a week, speaking of the lower limit.
Regards !
1st Mar, 2021
C.Ganesa Moorthy
Alagappa University
Dear FranklinUrielParásHernández: Thanks. Let us wait for first observation from KAGRO.
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3rd Mar, 2021
Otto E. Rossler
University of Tuebingen
I predicted they would not detect anything since c is a global constant.
16th Mar, 2021
C.Ganesa Moorthy
Alagappa University
I like to add the following additional reason regarding consideration of gravitational waves as radio waves. When two self rotating bodies come close to each other, there is a chance for interference of magnetic lines of these bodies and radio waves are produced. I said that such radio waves are called gravitational waves. If these bodies go ahead further and if they collide with each other, then light waves, microwaves, alpha rays, and beta rays may be produced. Microwaves, alpha rays and beta rays may not reach our earth because of their low speed in vacuum and because of their low penetrating capacities. However light rays (gamma rays, X-rays, ultra violet rays, visible rays and infra red rays) produced may reach our earth. That is, gravitational waves may be observed before collisions, and light rays may be observed after some seconds. These things happened (For example: These arguments also support my reason to believe that a gravitational wave is a radio wave. So, KAGRA will not have an observation of gravitational waves.
13th Jan, 2022
Charles S.A. Sinkus
Purdue University
Discovered the following publications which i shall be reviewing and highly recommend the members here to as well. From KAGRA.
[2201.01397] Inferring Astrophysical Parameters of Core-Collapse Supernovae from their Gravitational-Wave Emission (
Phys. Rev. D 105, 023004 (2022) - Merger rate density of stellar-mass binary black holes from young massive clusters, open clusters, and isolated binaries: Comparisons with LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA results (
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Thanks for sharing and comment on this thread,
KAGRA is a reallity, as well as LIGO and Virgo. Our detections of Gravitational Waves are a reality, it is true that we count at least 90 confirmed detections since September 2015.
I don't know why people like Mr. Otto E. Rossler deny this. I would like to ask to Otto E. Rossler if he is convinced now?
But, I don't know, Why to have doubts about our capacilities to detect these phenomena? I mean, they are not deteted them with a simple metallic bar, cooled inside a fancy lab, in a prestigious university. No, these Laboratories took (the first one) more than then years between construction and the first detection, and more than 30 years for first planning. And a few million USD (just in its creation and construction)
Usually I din't reply to these people but I hope Otto E. Rossler have changed his opinions and beliefs of not believing in GW detectors, or the LHC, or other first level developments Science frontiers we are seeing now.
Why someone, who has the training and the education to understand all of this and has the trayectory and experience, that not a many people have, Why someone like that wil deny these kind-level accomplishements. For me, it sounds like Conspiracy Theories.
Of course I cannot say I've checked the Data myself (which you can do downloading the raw data from the site), but the technology, and the foundations fo this descovery are clear.
Anyways, I hope by today everyone (of course, everyone which is involved in real science from one way or another, is convinced that the Detection of GW is real)
sincerely to all,
7th May, 2022
Alexander Vasquez
The Evergreen State College
Looks like December time frame for KAGRA.

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