Asked 7th Oct, 2015

Does anyone know the approximate price of a 900 MHz NMR spectrometer?

I could not find any data about it.

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13th Jan, 2016
Bojidarka B. Ivanova
Technische Universität Dortmund
Mr. Orgovan,
There is better to request direct in Bruker Company (  
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8th Oct, 2015
Max Lippitsch
According to  John Chung, Director of Biomolecular NMR Facilities at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) , the price is "several millions" $.
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8th Oct, 2015
Thierry Dubroca
The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (National MagLab)
we have one at my institution  ultra wide bore (105 mm) 900 MHz and we spend over over $10M.
we recently acquired a 21T ICR magnet (equivalent 900 MHz) for $12M. standard bore are probably a lot cheaper ($3 or $4 M).
Depending on the bore (and the accessories, console, probes...), the price will vary dramatically...
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