Asked 17th Mar, 2014
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Does anyone have the procedure for the Van Soest method for fiber determination?

I'm looking for the Van Soest method for fiber determination via a gravimetric way. Could anyone send me the procedure?
Fiber in forage.

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Antonio De Vega
University of Zaragoza
Dear Stefano:
The gravimetric method you refer to is rather old, and at present there are more accurate ways to analyze fibre (ANKOM, Fibertec). Is there any chance to use them?
Stefano Salvatori
Environmental lab
Thank you Antonio,  
I'm sorry  but i've no chances to use that different methods, but i'm interested in a possible emplyment of the method, may you send me the references or analytical protocol?
Antonio De Vega
University of Zaragoza
Please have a look to the editorial "Use of detergent system terminology and criteria for submission of manuscripts on new, or revised, analytical methods as well as descriptive information on feed analysis and/or variability" published in Animal Feed Science and Technology 118 (2005) 181–186. I attach a copy.
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