Asked 25th Nov, 2019

Does anyone have an experience with using pictures / movie sections/ videos from wider media for creating experimental stimuli?

I am just wondering what is the procedure for using images/videos/parts of films available in wider media for creating experimental stimuli for psychology experiments? What are the copyright restrictions and how to go about them? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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How do I justify on a macro level bringing 5 films into a representational relationship?
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  • Nadia Elize van der WaltNadia Elize van der Walt
The purpose of my PhD research is to enter the discourse on gaze structures in cinema by investigating the interventions that five contemporary films have made into how specific identities, social contexts, and histories have been represented in dominant coming-of-age films. I will use the analyses in this study to argue that the selected films are attempting to revision dominant scopic regimes by offering alternative representations through their narrative and filmic procedures, that have implications for the production of gender, race, class, and sexuality. My overarching impulse is to read the films and evaluate their narrative and filmic procedures at crucial points; and the gaze structures across the films, and by doing that, investigate the possibilities of filmic and ideological revisioning that come to the fore when these films are read alongside, and across, each other. I am proposing that doing this will offer a complex and detailed reading of the revisioning capabilities of scopic regimes in narrative film as I bring a set of important films into a representational relationship. The films selected for this study are three French films, namely: Tomboy (2011), Girlhood (2014), and Portrait of Lady on Fire (2019) all of which were directed by Céline Sciamma; and two Southern African films, namely, Inxeba (2017) by John Trengove and Moffie(2019) by Oliver Hermanus.

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