Asked 11th Jun, 2014

Does anyone have a template of how to report results in APA style of simple moderation analysis done with SPSS's PROCESS macro?

Reporting results with PROCESS macro model 1 (simple moderation) in APA style

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9th Nov, 2022
Shan Murali
InnovGene Solutions

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25th Aug, 2015
Anna Antinori
University of Melbourne
Hi Sara,
I found this video on PROCESS and moderation. It also explains how to report the results with PROCESS. I hop it helps!
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12th Jun, 2014
Eltion Meka
University of New York Tirana
On his webpage, Hayes states that his latest book, Chapters 6,9, and 12 discuss reporting of results.
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11th May, 2015
Sara Dunne
University of Derby
Hi Elizabeth,
I don't have access to Haye's book through my University library and I was wondering did you find any materials explaining how to report results with PROCESS?
Many thanks,
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25th Aug, 2015
Anna Antinori
University of Melbourne
Hi Sara,
I found this video on PROCESS and moderation. It also explains how to report the results with PROCESS. I hop it helps!
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10th May, 2016
Ali Akbar Khan
The Economic and Business Research Organization, Lahore, Pakistan.
Hi  Sara and Elizabeth Hirata 
I sent you this book.
Take care
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12th May, 2016
Venus Mahmoodi
Columbia University
The book wasn't very helpful in interpreting the output.  But the video was so great!! Thanks so much for sharing it!
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25th Jun, 2017
Ksenia A. Chistopolskaya
Lomonosov Moscow State University
here is also a quick overview for how to report moderation and mediation
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6th Jul, 2017
Sabra Farrukh
Virtual University of Pakistan
Very good video indeed ANNA, But can you please share and literature reference in which this interpretation style is used and published too.
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6th Jul, 2017
Shauna L. Rohner
University of Zurich
Hi all, 
Does anyone have a the book mentioned above? 
17th Sep, 2017
Laura van Mil
Erasmus University Rotterdam
I also found this somewhere on the web! With Sample APA Write-Up!
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17th Sep, 2017
Leila Othmani
University of Tunis El Manar
Thank you all .. problem is solved
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25th Oct, 2017
Sara j Stanley
University of New England (Australia)
I would like to add an extension to this question. If you do not have an indirect effect of the mediator, but have a direct one, do you report it?
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7th Sep, 2018
Andreia Almeida
University of Porto
Hi! Does anyone knows the number for these models in PROCESS version 3?
Thank you in advanced!
12th Sep, 2018
Rachel Chauvin
University Paris Nanterre
Hi Andreia! I've had a look at the latest version of the book and model 10 seems to remain the same. But I could not find a graph of model 49. It is possible that this preprogrammed model was eliminated in version 3 (check the FAQ for differences in version 2 and 3 : Maybe you could send a message to Pr. Hayes for confirmation.
Otherwase you may need to customize the command.
13th Oct, 2018
Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist
Stockholm University University of Turku Finland
18th May, 2019
Aron Harold G. Pamoso
University of San Carlos (Philippines)
18th May, 2019
Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist
Stockholm University University of Turku Finland
13th Jun, 2019
Tosin Animashaun
Walden University
Thank you all.
Much appreciated.
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26th Jul, 2019
Trish Collins
Edith Cowan University
Thanks everyone - very helpful :-)
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20th Nov, 2019
Carl Alexander Sorensen
University of South Carolina
Well, this thread pretty much nails it. I just wanted to add a conceptual note that I like to present when I teach research classes:
The answer to moderation questions/interpreting interactions (like pretty much all social science questions) begins with "Well, it depends..."
So, for example, if sex/gender is your moderator, then the relationship between your independent and dependent variables depends upon the sex/gender of the participant.
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7th Dec, 2020
Khalid Rasheed Memon
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Good thread on SPSS process macro especially the video link.
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8th Dec, 2020
Ozge Habiboğlu
Namık Kemal Üniversitesi
Thank you all. Much appreciated
7th Feb, 2021
Shinmin Wang
National Taiwan Normal University
very useful information!
7th Apr, 2021
Jianwu Zhou
Renmin University of China
it may be useful
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4th May, 2021
Ijaz Ahmad
National University of Modern Languages
27th Jan, 2022
Carmen Fernández-Fillol
University of Granada
Thank you so much!
9th Nov, 2022
Shan Murali
InnovGene Solutions

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