Asked 13th Jul, 2015
  • Hartpury College and University

Does anybody know any possible participants for a study based on organizational culture within high performance sports teams/organisations?

Hi guys,
I have a friend who is currently completing her Masters project and needs a couple more participants. If you are interested in any more information, are interested in being involved or could be me in contact with people then that would be much appreciated and thanks in advance. Just send me a message. A little more info is below: 
What are we after? 
An introduction to athletes, coaches, managers and support staff (e.g. physiotherapists / nutritionists, other performance staff) currently (or at least within last 2-3 years) participating at Olympic/Professional/National/ Commonwealth level.  It could be an individual or team sport, since they will all be part of a broader ‘team/organisation’ which will have a culture. To conduct an interview convenient to you, lasting approximately 45-60 minutes. This will look to explore perceptions, thoughts and experiences of their sport culture and performance. 

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