Asked 25th Jul, 2018

Does anyone know a free online platform where you can set the time for the stimuli presentation?

I need to publish an online questionnaire with timed stimuli presentation. Does anyone know a platform where you can do this for free? For exemple, Qualtrics allows it, but only in paid versions.

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Tools for creating self-scoring online scale with subscores/category scores visible to test takers (Preferably free)?
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  • Julia Englund StraitJulia Englund Strait
I am trying to conduct some research that involves having teachers (and students) take a self-grading assessment (a Likert scale, not right/wrong answers) and view their own scores. (And I'd also be able to see them.)
For example, at visitors can take various inventories and see their customized results by category. Something like that, but simpler (as I'm sure they have their own programmers).
Is anyone aware of free tools to create such a quiz on a web site?
Notes on "I already tried that":
*Google Forms allows for self-grading quizzes but you have to assign a right answer. (No scoring for Likert scales)
*Qualtrics only allows test takers to view one overall score (and I need categories...e.g., 3 separate scores for memory, organization, and time management, etc.)
*WordPress may have something like this as a plugin but I'd have to pay $50/month for a Business Account to find out.

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