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Do you know this book?

I am reading your paper with a lot of interest. I am actually designing a set of experiments quite close to yours. My focus is more how space/architecture is influencing the way we remember a sequence of item (playing cards). Would you like (have time) to have a look and give me your comments?
I also want to share this post with you. Cosmigraphic Michael Benson from brainpicking blog.

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Does wilcoxon rank sum test test the difference in medians?
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I always thought that the wilcoxon rank sum test tests the difference in medians of two groups. However recently I have been told tht it does not. So for more clarity I was reading the following blog.
It states the null hypothesis as follows.
The two populations are equal
I donot understand the above null hypothesis. What are the two populations equal in terms of ? In terms of number of observations? in terms of distribution? in terms of medians or what?
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Difficulty about creating "Conceptual Framework"
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I have been attempting to create a conceptual framework for my dissertation and the struggle is monumental. Here is what I have found that does not work for me in understanding HOW to create a CF. I have read an untold number of articles, searched the internet, and read books about CF. I find that everyone gives explanations about why a CF is necessary for research etc., but NO ONE knows how to teach the actual creation of a CF. I have read examples of CF already written by other scholars but none of that has helped me to create my own. Hence, I am left wondering WHY???? can NOT one of the items I have read helped me with my learning how to craft a CF. It is so frustrating for me.

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