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Do isolated ICT applications really work or is the requirement an overall educational transformation?

Our evidence suggests that unless the entire system is based upon digitalisation, even the most creative and well prepared ICT innovation offers little that is any of cost-effective, sustainable or widely replicable.

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1st Aug, 2019
Olivier Serrat
Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Isolated ICT applications are indeed unlikely to cut much ice, in education as elsewhere. The components of what might be termed the "ICT ecosystem" include (i) the development of policy and regulatory frameworks, (ii) infrastructure, (iii) applications, and (iv) capacities and skills for ICT, with an eye also to standardization and information technology security.
1st Aug, 2019
Dariusz Prokopowicz
Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw
Dear Mike Douse,
Yes, I agree, new innovative ICT applications are usually not autonomous programs, they can only function on predefined IT platforms and operating systems. Thanks to new, innovative applications, operating systems and devices, the Internet of Things becomes more useful and useful, enriched with new information functions. Unfortunately, producers of some popular operating systems do not make the full source code of these systems publicly available, ie in the open internet access. if this were done, the applications written for these systems could be better matched, digitally correlated, computed, work more stable and would be more then a sustainable development in the field of computer science. Unfortunately, producers of popular operational programs dominated the market of these systems on a global scale. In some types of applications, ie on personal, home and corporate computers, one corporation, ie Microsoft, dominates. The lack of developed competition does not allow for fully balanced development in this field. Similarly, in the field of information services offered on the Internet, where Google is the dominant entity, and competition is very limited. Small IT companies are trying to build their development on the formula of innovative startups, trying to create applications with new features that are not yet dominant on the market operating systems and dominant internet technology companies.
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Warm regards,
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