Do entanglements and non-local correlations persist and spread across space-time?

I've recently seen some references to Dark Energy and Entanglement as possibly being related, but I haven't been able to fully evaluate such claims, though they got me thinking.

My basic question is about the persistence of relationships and correlations created by wavefunction interactions. Reading Penrose's Road to Reality, it struck me that he said something like "much of the wavefunction is concerned with such matters," meaning nonlocal matters.

Entanglement and nonlocal correlations are created or transferred through interactions between quantum systems. When a photon from an entangled pair is absorbed by Bob's detector, is the correlation with Alice's photon then passed on into the wavefunction of Bob's detector? Or is that correlation--whatever it is--completely destroyed, lost to the *entire* system, not just the entangled pair? (If destroyed, then how can entanglement be erased/restored?)

If correlations somehow persist as some form of information, do they accumulate and flow through the vast number of interactions in large local systems, for example, is there a quantity of non-local correlations largely trapped in the core of our sun that slowly leaks out through light and the solar wind?

Conversely, what are the effects of "ancient" correlations that may persist from very early events such as the breaking of the symmetry between the electric and magnetic forces or from the sudden end of the "dark ages" when light began to flow?

Sorry for "big" pile of questions. This is a hard one to boil down to a five word question!