Asked 27th Feb, 2016

Do dietary components have any effects on FTO gene expression in blood cells?

I am interested in the relationship between diet and FTO gene expression. Most studies have been performed on FTO expression changes in hypothalamus. But as we know, FTO is expressed ubiquitous. We are going to do a research on this subject in adolescents in Iran and I look forward to hearing from everybody that can help us.
Thank you

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13th Aug, 2016
Dr Pratibha Arya
Bundelkhand University Jhansi
i  can give you genral idea  ,
 diet is sourse of  micronutrient and marconutrient    .   indivual nutrient   such as  mineral , phytochemical   a  peak  level  is nesseary  for  any gene expresson require  ,  phytochemical  may  increase or decrease  maybe  involve  repair system .   you  shoud be  first reconize  nutrient   need in  FTO exoression  then their  source  food with proper bioavilbilty.  i think its effect  lipid metabolism,  so  if you give high lipotropic factar rich diet  like Zn,Mn,Se, mufa,  vitamin E , B12, etc
then see effect.
20th Aug, 2016
Saeid Doaei
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Thank you for you response
Studies in recent years has been shown the FTO role in cell metabolism through mTOR pathway. so we expect the FTO gene expression can influenced by many dietary factors such as calorie intake, dietary protein, dietary fat and so on.
But about The gene expression changes in blood cell, we don't know anything...

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