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Asked 29th Apr, 2019

Do you think that sexual harassment can be stopped with the help of architecture and urban design?

Sexual harassment and violence against women is a harsh crime that affects the whole society not just the individual. according to its significance, do you think design can help solving the problem?
6th May, 2019
Victor Ubaka Onyemelukwe
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC Abuja
I really don't know how architectural design can can achieve a deterrent or preventive effect against sexual harassment. Debashish believes external Architectural designs can. I will say this: most cases of sexual harassment occur in the most clandestine of places and they are veiled or presented with a façade or made to appear with a veneer of harmless conduct.
I believe that using outward signs or ethical behavioral reminders placed at strategic places where harassment may plausibly occur, and also encouraging potential victims to report incidents; and, requiring persons in position of authority to act ethically, by reminding them of the implications of their actions on the victim and themselves and the workplace.