Asked 24th Jan, 2017

Could someone give me advice for choosing a sampling method?

 My objective is to detect a disease (Downy Mildew) in sunflower production fields to check if DM is present in a batch.  I thought of using stratified sampling because pest population is agregated in some degree in the field. I considered making a subdivision: a specific number of transects (3 or 4) per hectare and doing random sampling. What do you recommend in this case?.
I have based myself on the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, attached here.

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24th Jan, 2017
Thomas Gulya
Agricultural Research Service
I would defer this question to a colleague, Dr. Sam Markell.    You can email him directly at < >.
Also... do not forget you can email me directly at my personal email.
Lastly, do yo want to consider trying soil sampling to retrieve DM in cases where no disease is apparent ?   I can send you a paper or two I presented in Australia and then published in the 2nd Downy Mildew symposium.
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25th Jan, 2017
Charles Block
Iowa State University
My suggestion would be to contact Dr. Paul Esker at the University of Costa Rica. Paul has a PhD in plant pathology and statistics and this question should be familiar. He is on Research Gate, but  I do not know if you can ask someone a direct question in this forum.
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