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Asked 24th Jun, 2018

Could someone recommend me a measure that assesses self-reported perceived listening skills (preferably in a group therapy context?)?

I am interested in measuring how well group psychotherapy clients rate their ability to listen and be present for other group members. Is anyone aware of a measure that helps capture this? I would like it to be able to capture perceptions of a session (e.g., "In last session, I was able to..."). Thanks!
28th Jun, 2018
S. Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist
Stockholm University
International Journal of English Linguistics; Vol. 2, No. 4; 2012 ISSN 1923-869X E-ISSN 1923-8703 Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education
Listening Anxiety and Its Relationship with Listening Strategy Use and Listening Comprehension among Iranian IELTS Learners
Mona Mohammadi Golchi
read this scale and you'll fine many useful questions.
You can expect those with high level of anxiety to not listen as well as those who do not suffer from e.g. GAD.
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