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Asked 14th Oct, 2013
  • The Animal Wellness Institute

Could anyone recommend references on scientist-animal intersubjectivity?

I am exploring the intersubjective experience of researchers focused on human-animal and animal-focused topics. Outside of Sanders, Churchill, and Dutton I haven't come across any in this new topic, therefore any additional citations would be appreciated.
23rd Oct, 2013
Angeline Siegel
The Animal Wellness Institute
Thanks Lynda! I've read most of your published work and have found it very helpful on this topic. Yes, I am referring to researchers using/studying animals and am pretty well versed on the anthrozoological perspective and gaining a better understanding of the sociological framework. I've examined the literature from gender studies, animal studies, medicine, sentience, ethology and psychology, and was surprised that there really isn't a lot of research on the topic. Nor have I come across any applications to assist in mediating the scientist-animal relationship to foster greater appreciation for the animal (outside of enrichment & welfare). I'm hoping that the results of my study will provide the ground work for such an application that can be delivered to academic and medical professionals.
On a side note, can I ask what topics are you currently exploring?