Started 24th Apr, 2023
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Correlation between daily internet handling in petabyte and carbon footprint?

As the internet ecosystems seem to grow exponentially, would be interesting to learn more about the carbon footprint correlation. Concave? Linear? Fixed?

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Petronio Silva de Oliveira
Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho" - UNESP
In the anthropocene era where man is, there will be an environmental impact with a relevant carbon footprint. Therefore, these production and consumption actions must be minimized in terms of equivalent carbon emissions, or offset by capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

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Most often for what type of green business ventures do commercial banks provide green loans?
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  • Dariusz ProkopowiczDariusz Prokopowicz
What are the most common investment objectives, financing what type of green business ventures can be implemented in the formula of green financing offered by banks?
What investment purposes, financing what kind of green economic ventures can be realized in the formula of green financing, which recently in the form of green loans, green leasing, green investment funds, etc. are offered by commercial and investment banks?
Banks, wanting to move with the times, are modifying their offers of financial products and services, including banking, adapting them to changing social trends and customer preferences. Modifications of banking offers mainly concerning the issue of organization, the channel of access to offers are also determined by the technological progress taking place. On the other hand, in terms of changes regarding social trends, changes in customers' worldview, customers' awareness of certain topics considered current and developing, it is the banks that are now recognizing the increasing level of customers' awareness of the climate change taking place, the ongoing process of global warming, the role of humans in these processes, potential threats to the biosphere and people in the future if these processes continue, the need to urgently carry out a green transformation of the economy, to build a green closed loop economy, a sustainable and zero-carbon economy, a sharing economy, the implementation of sustainable development goals. Accordingly, banks, on the one hand, for part of their loan offerings, give names to green loans, which they provide as investment business loans for borrowers planning to implement a green business venture involving, for example, setting up photovoltaic panels on the roof of a house, apartment building, store, business, etc, purchasing an electric or hydrogen-powered car, setting up a household sewage treatment plant, a rainwater catchment system for watering the lawn, building a composter next to the home garden, building a biogas plant producing biogas for energy needs from organic and post-agricultural waste, insulating the facade of a residential building to increase the scale of savings in energy consumption, setting up a system of intelligent blinds to optimize the temperature of the building and increase energy independence, building a system to optimize waste sorting and increase the scale of recycling, building a retention reservoir in an area threatened by long-term drought, carrying out a zoning change investment to reduce the area covered with concrete or asphalt and increase the area of greenery in the city, etc. On the other hand, companies, financial institutions, including commercial banks are modifying their missions and development strategies by adding green business issues, environmental social responsibility, sustainable development goals and fashionable green slogans. Some enterprises, companies and banks also in advertising spots, videos promoting the organization's logo present this logo in the form of an animation that suggests the changes already made in the organization, that the company, enterprise or bank has become green in terms of mission and strategy, that it pursues certain selected or all sustainability goals. But this is not always consistent with the facts. Increasingly, it is greenwashing. The scale of greenwashing is growing rapidly because there is no system for verifying and certifying business entities on the question of whether they are indeed green, whether they are pursuing sustainability goals, at what scale they are doing so in the context of their overall business operations. However, some of the banks that offer, for example, green loans actually finance with their help the green business ventures that the borrowers implement. But, after all, in a significant part of the banks that modify their offerings of banking products in this way, including loans they are still only realizing what they have been doing for many years. The only difference is that previously, before the modification of the bank's offer, the financing of the borrower's project of setting up a photovoltaic panel on the roof of the house or buying an electric car was done by the bank through the granting of an investment loan and not, as now, the granting of a green investment loan. In addition, the difference is also only that green technologies are rapidly developing and becoming cheaper. Until a dozen years ago, the purchase of an electric car or the installation of a photovoltaic panel on the roof of a residential building involved a much higher expense or was practically unaffordable for citizens with an average income level. However, much has been changing in this regard in recent years, and as a result, banks are also modifying their banking product offerings and adding the issues of ecology, green transformation and implementation of sustainable development goals to their missions and development strategies. With increasing competition among banks on the issue of green banking product offerings, it is becoming more and more common for individual banks, as part of advertising campaigns, in advertising spots and promotional videos introducing their green banking products, to also give examples of a specific type of green business venture that can be financed with, for example, a specific type of green loan or green lease. In view of the above, I give one example: One bank in Poland advertises green financing in the form of photovoltaic leasing for companies and SMEs, as well as leasing an electric car. What other similar examples of advertising green banking products and/or financing certain types of green business ventures with them are used by commercial banks?
In view of the above, I address the following question to the esteemed community of scientists and researchers:
What investment objectives, financing of what kind of business ventures can be implemented in the formula of green financing, which recently in the form of green loans, green leasing, green investment funds, etc. are offered by commercial and investment banks?
Most often for what kind of investment purposes, financing what kind of green business ventures can be realized in the formula of green financing offered by banks?
Most often for what kind of green business ventures do commercial banks provide green loans?
Please answer,
I invite everyone to join the discussion,
Thank you very much,
Best wishes,
Dariusz Prokopowicz
Counting on your opinions, on getting to know your personal opinion, on a fair approach to the discussion of scientific issues, I deliberately used the phrase "in your opinion" in the question.
The above text is entirely my own work written by me on the basis of my research.
In writing this text I did not use other sources or automatic text generation systems.
Copyright by Dariusz Prokopowicz

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