Competencies of PM: Knowledge, Skills or Attitude

Thanks for those who responded to the short survey. For those who have not participated yet, please have a quick vote.

So far, 5 have selected Skills are preferred against Knowledge and Attitude of one could only choose one option as the core competency for selecting a project manager to manage an urgent project. Only 1 selected Attitude.

Well, there is no right or wrong answer but people preference in choosing either Knowledge or Skill or Attitude as the priority.

Ideally, we should have Project Manager with the "Can do" elements: Knowledge and Skills as well as the "Will do" element: Attitude.

In this case, the profile of the "ideal" Project Manager will be something like:
- academic qualifications in project management (knowledge)
- professional certifications in project management (knowledge)
- past track records of successful projects (Skills)
- evidence of past project documentations (Skills)
- passed the psychometric or personality tests (Attitude)
- recommendations from other project stakeholders, customers and team members (Attitude)

However, we have to be realistic that nobody is perfect in all elements of competencies.
Sometimes, we could have very knowledge and skilled people but with difficult personality and negative attitude. At other instances, we could have people with positive attitude and willing to learn and co-operate but just lack the required knowledge and skills to perform and deliver the jobs.

Interestingly, should we get a candidate with right attitude and develop him with the required knowledge and skills if he is lack of them or should we get a candidate with right knowledge and skills and change his attitude if that is the issue?

Welcome for comments.