Asked 10th Oct, 2022
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Climate models and Proxy data?

How the proxy data (from lacustrine records) are useful to validate climate models for future climate predictions?
Any suggestion would be great.
Thank you

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24th Oct, 2022
Enda William O'Brien
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Proxy data (e.g. lacustrine) can be used to generate proxy temperature and precip. data for past periods, and they can conceivably be compared with historical simulations by climate models for validation purposes, especially for times before ~1950, i.e., before good observational networks were established to provide more direct validation. Those lacustrine records, however, don't have much to say about future climate. Any validation would be over historical times, and if the models perform okay for past climate, then confidence should be increased in their future projections.
See for info. on how to calibrate your lacustrine data. It looks like there are lots of tricky subtleties involved!
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