Asked 11th May, 2013

Can you help me understand why Palmes Diffusion Tubes are not widely used in USA?

Palmes diffusion tubes are a useful tool for assessing NO2 pollution in both urban and remote regions. They are widely used in Europe and Asia. It seems as if there are very few researchers using them in the US, most studies rely on sophisticated electronic instruments. I could not find a supplier for them in this country and had to make them myself.

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12th May, 2013
Lance A Wallace
Lance Wallace Consultant Santa Rosa California USA
Palmes tubes are excellent cheap devices for collecting NO2 passively. However, Yanagisawa badges were developed in the 1980s that were about an order of magnitude more sensitive. At some later time, Ogawa badges (perhaps related to the Yanagisawa badge, perhaps not) became the most widely used passive devices for measuring NO2 integrated over hours or days.

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Global Warming effects?
14 answers
  • Ihsan Ur RahmanIhsan Ur Rahman
Hi Professionals!
Due to Global warming the earth temperature increases (, which generates floods, storms, and tornadoes because of melting of ice glacier, in response it caused increase in the sea level up to 3mm/year, now if the sea level is increased and already the temperature is high, which will cause fast cycle of vapor formation having comparatively high temperature, these vapors will go up and will cause rain again, so as, rain reduce the earth temperature as we feel normally, and this phenomena will occur in a cycle. Then why we are concerned about global warming causes, also if there will be rains and floods and sea level is going up throughout, then how the literature says that cause of global warming water shed is going down and down and rivers lacks etc are getting dry day by day?
Just one reason I know, we have to control GW to stop those acid rains its true rain reduce temperature but acid rains has multiple negative impacts....
Your Thoughts Please!

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