Asked 3rd Jul, 2015

Can we determine the resting spore population of Polymyxa graminis in plant roots by taking optical density?

I want to determine the resting spore population present in Barley roots. if anybody can suggest how a single resting spore of Polymyxa graminis looks like, while resting spore suspension prepared by crushing the roots.

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5th Jul, 2015
Alex Ignatov
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
There are many methods for Polymyxa graminis detection in plant roots, but you hardly will find large number of spores sufficient for evaluation by optical density. It is easier to stain them or link to specific antibodies and count by number.
10th Jul, 2015
Swati Tyagi
International Rice Research Institute
Thank you Alex Ignatov
Actually I am counting Polymyxa resting spores by using hemocytometer.  I crushed root  for extraction of resting spore, centrifuged it for getting spore suspension but while i count, i am confused with some small root particles. so is there any way to count it more accurately. i tried staining it with cotton blue, aniline blue, acid fuchsin. but no satisfactory results. 
18th Sep, 2015
S. K. Sain
ICAR- Central Institute for Cotton Research
You may treat the roots with GAA for some time and stain them with CB. You may find the good results and observe under microscope.
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