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Asked 14th Aug, 2015

Can anyone please explain how to culture T cells from PBMC ?

"T cell - primary culture from peripheral blood." by Raulf-Heimsoth explains it.but I cannot access the paper. The purpose is to study the T cell proliiferation .
17th Aug, 2015
Eytan Breman
Culturing T-cells is not that difficult you need to stimulate and thats about it. Depending on their enviorenment (in the presence of antigen presenting cells) you can use either PHA or CD3 alone. I would add IL-2 as a survival signal. To stimulate a pure T-cell population you can use PMA/Ionomycin or CD3/CD28 in the form of beads or antibodies, both methods work equally well. Culturing condtions should be IMDM or RPMI in the presence of 5% human serum. If a prolonged stimulation is needed you might want to consider adding feeder cells (irradiated PBMCs). 
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