Can a copper cable stationed on earth generate electricity in it by cutting the sun's magnetic flux ?

I saw a documentary on TV about a research NASA has done about generating electricity for satellites in space by attaching a long copper cable to it and by letting the copper cable cut the earth's magnetic flux. They discovered over 1200 volts of voltage was generated in the copper cable and enough to power a satellite. If the sun has a magnetic flux why can't we use this technology to generate electricity on earth because earth revolves around itself at the same time going around the sun. That means the earth is constantly cutting the sun's magnetic flux.

Thank you for all your replies so far. I was only trying to suggest using this technology as a source of power for factories and housing schemes, and electric trains and electric cars, buses and trucks used for transportation of people and goods. I also thought building such power station would be cheaper than a normal hydro power plant, or nuclear power plant that costs billions to build.