Asked 18th Mar, 2020

Can anyone recommend valid and reliable online IQ tests?

With studies moving online, it would be great to know about any reliable and valid online IQ tests. Using online tests of IQ could be essential in the current COVID-19 situation.

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13th Feb, 2022
Margarita Parra
University of the Andes (Venezuela)
I just came across with this question and it really attracted my attention. I hope I am not too late to answer it. Either way I am leaving my input so that other readers can benefit from it too in the future.
Answering to it, there are two types of online IQ tests: The online versions of the conventional tests psychologists have always used face-to-face, such as the Raven’s Progressive Matrices, and commercial online IQ tests targeted at the general public, widely and freely available throughout the Internet.
If you need a reliable and professional instrument to use with diagnostic or educational purposes, then the latter is the way to go:
However, note you must be a certified professional in the field of psychology in order to use it (in addition, it is not free).
If the use case of such IQ tests is going to be recreational, for training and practice purposes, or just to obtain a broad estimate of soeone’s IQ, then the sites I have found most reliable in the past are the following:
(This IQ test is completely free):
(This one is also completely free):
(This IQ test is a more “official” and “professional” version, though not free):
Hope I have been of help
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19th Mar, 2020
Yanfeng Wu
Chinese Academy of Sciences
19th Mar, 2020
Abhijit Mitra
University of Calcutta
This may help you
25th Mar, 2020
Connor Tom Keating
University of Birmingham
This might be useful for anyone reading this thread:
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore's lab have an open access online non-verbal reasoning (MARS) task, with validity and reliability data. Whilst the data is not normalised across a large population and so cannot be called an IQ test, perhaps this task could be used as a proxy-IQ measure (and participants could be matched on their non-verbal reasoning scores for example).

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