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Can I test both Placebo and Nocebo effects in a single marketing experimental study with the theoretical backing of Elaboration Likelihood Model?

I am asking it for marketing research, and I am doing a comparative study. I want to generate Placebo expectancies through electronic word of mouth communication (palcebo/nocebo) to check its impact on consumer attitude toward the product, and the relationship is going to be mediated by advertising (palcebo/nocebo). But I am not sure about its validity. I am using persuasive communication as a placebo only (no tangible product). Can anyone please help?

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Safeena Yaseen
Institute of Business Management
Thank you so much Paul F Burke

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Safeena Yaseen
Institute of Business Management
Leonidas A. Papakonstantinidis
Thank you so much sir for the detailed answer. It has cleared my concept. Please suggest, can I use electronic word of mouth and advertising communication as verbal placebos/nocebos instead of using a tangible product? I want my participants to consume computer mediated information as a placebo/nocebo instead of actual product. Again thank you for the help.
Renata Martins
Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas
Hi, Safeena!
By placebo/no placebo, you mean a scenario with a treatment (for example, persuasive communication), and a neutro scenario, right? In marketing you don't need to use tangible products to manipulate scenarios, you can do it by manipulating the message of an ad, for example, or, in case of social media, you can 'simulate' a post and manipulate its comments.
I don't know if I answered to your question, but I hope so.
Safeena Yaseen
Institute of Business Management
Hi Renata Martins , Thank you so much. Yes I was looking for the same answer. I will really appreciate if you can share a similar research where it has been used. I am also searching for it.
Paul F Burke
University of Technology Sydney
Not sure if it will help but may give some ideas.... We manipulated anxiety around the choice of generic medicines citing some work on nocebo effectsin Health Promotion International:
Also available on my RG page
Safeena Yaseen
Institute of Business Management
Thank you so much Paul F Burke

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