Started 30th Aug, 2018

British Journal of Guidance and Counselling Word Count

Just wanting to clarify something. In the note to authors it mentions references are to be included in the word count. Does this mean just the in text references or does it mean the entire reference list also?

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24th Sep, 2022
Barimah Solomon Jil
University of Cape Coast
Pls what is the word count for BJGC?

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31st Aug, 2018
Madhav Gajananrao Raje
Mahakali Polyclinic, Ayodhya nagar, Nagpur India
Dear Samantha,
Usually referances or list of references are not included in word count of text. Many Journals don't allow mention of author's and other details of reference to be written in the text. One has to write only number of that particular reference, I hope, you know it.
Inclusion of word count of references in the main text is not well heard of. May be some peculiar Journal would do so as a special case or due to constraints of space.
31st Aug, 2018
Mary V. Seeman
University of Toronto
They mean the entire reference list.
5th Sep, 2018
Stephen Palmer
University of Wales Trinity Saint David
In general, when in doubt I've emailed a journal editor to confirm their guidelines. In this case I am on the BJGC editorial board and I'm aware that the editors have always done their best to provide guidance to potential contributors.

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